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Kapiche achieves in seconds what has previously taken a week for three linguists, two computer scientists and the resources of entire data centre to complete!

Global automotive manufacturer, Detroit, Michigan, USA - 2015

Think call centres, focus groups, surveys, social media - all media! There is a massive amount of unstructured data out there just waiting to have meaning put to it…and you don’t need to be an analyst to gain understanding from your data. Anyone can use Kapiche 2.0.

Have a look at our video and then experience Kapiche 2.0 for yourself.

You ask why we are working with Kapiche, well, we looked at IBM-Watson / Alchemy API, Lexalytics, SAS and a few others and they all required us to learn how to both set-up the technology and then interpret the results. The quality manpower investment was onerous! Kapiche is so easy, we can involve untrained people in analysing survey results.

Global industrial manufacturer, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,
USA(Gartner Cool Vender Report - 2015)

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